Selected Publications


Sax, D. L., Nesbitt, L., Quinton, J. (2021). Improvement, not Displacement: Presenting a dimensional analysis clarifying the relationships between urban greening and green gentrification. Under review.

Sax, D.L., Nesbitt, L., Hagerman, S. (2021). Expelled from the Garden? Understanding the dynamics of green gentrification in Vancouver, British Columbia. Under review.

Daniel Sax

PhD Student

Environmental justice, urban planning, urban green equity, qualitative inquiry

Daniel is a PhD student researching at the intersection of urban forestry, planning, and environmental justice. Following an undergraduate degree in Sociology and some time working as an arborist and horticulturist, Daniel joined the UBC Forestry community hoping to learn more about the relationships between greening, urban planning, and urban development. His Master's research investigated the presence of green gentrification in Vancouver and its impact on residents' engagement with urban agriculture and trends in large-scale redevelopment. His current research questions practices in urban greening and the extent to which novel methods of community engagement and co-production may lead to more equitable and just outcomes for residents.

Outside of work, Daniel enjoys gardening, contra dancing, and playing ultimate frisbee.


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