2022Mingze Chen - Mingze Chen

Urban Nature DEsign Research Lab (UNDER)

Mingze Chen

PhD Student

Landscape computing, Planning and design, Urban analytics,
Big data and machine learning 

Mingze is a Ph.D. student from China. He completed master's degree in urban design at University College London, UK. He used to work as a researcher at UCL and as a landscape architect in Shanghai for the past three years. His research focuses on using big data and machine learning interdisciplinary technology in urban nature analytics. Mingze enjoys working with academics and urban enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds.

Outside work, Mingze is an avid fan of poems, exhibitions, symphony concerts, traveling, and photography.


Websites: Website|GoogleScholar | ResearchGate | Twitter

Selected Publications

Shen, X., Chen, M., Ge, M., & Padua, M. G. (2022). Examining the Conceptual Model of Potential Urban Development Patch (PUDP), VOCs, and Food Culture in Urban Ecology: A Case in Chengdu, China. Atmosphere, 13(9), Article 9. https://doi.org/10.3390/atmos13091369

Wang, L., Ding, J., Chen, M., Sun, Y., Tang, X., & Ge, M. (2022). Exploring Tourists’ Multilevel Spatial Cognition of Historical Town Based on Multi-Source Data—A Case Study of Feng Jing Ancient Town in Shanghai. Buildings, 12(11), Article 11. https://doi.org/10.3390/buildings12111833